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I cant fucking beleive it!

2010-05-07 11:52:02 by darkryal35

I dont know my password to my ToastyYoshi account, and other, MY EMAIL WONT WORK OH NOOOO

Important news

2010-03-29 16:37:30 by darkryal35


It will be shown on ToastyYoshi

Well, let me just say, i HAVE indeed started episode 4, 3, 2, 1 is about a month or 2 away from being done....

Ok, on to animation news. a yoshi's tale, i have nothing to say, look down below to see a preview for epidode 4!!!

Mario and Sonic the Dark Horizon, i have a trailer im working on now, it shows of A character witch hardly anyone uses MR L!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonic: The Final Hour - Story is being made, preview 3 being done, and ye....

So heres that picture a promised, dosnt it look lovely with all that lighting in it?!

Animation news, and sneek peek at "A Yoshi Tale" Episode 4!!!!!!!!!!

A Yoshi Tale Epidode 1 news!

2010-03-18 16:19:24 by darkryal35

Im really far in progress with a yoshi tale theres nothing TO special in episode 1 but i just im pretty sure episode 2 will have a Suprise in it, OH and its a good one. ill spoil something for you. whatever something seems to be it isn't (by witch it means one character isn't who you think it is!)

Ok, mario and sonic the dark horizon OMFG allot more in depth now, the story is still secret but i will give you it sometime soon for now i need a s4i7 really bad. theres some REALLY unexpected characters DON'T worry there all from mario series and sonic.

Sonic the final hour is still on hold cause sonicking can't be bloody bothered to do HIS LINES. well a story would be nice....

so im gonna go draw a picture of you dancing naked with your d**k hanging out pooing at the same time

oh and heres a video i made well, sega made the music i made da pic.

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Ok this is NOW in episodes, the preview i made was for episode 1.

Episode 1: 16%

This is really hard. i didn't think how hard this would be. but its taking for EVAH, and ive so far got 3 min's done D:

I have a pic here so yah.

W00t more work on a yoshi's tale yes

Ive been working on this game with bulletbob124 for 2 months its taking a long time. im sure episode 1 will be released suring august it WILL NOT be on this Username were making a new one soon so look out for it. ill keep you updated on the game overwise it is an RPG like mario and luigi bowsers inside story, called "Mario and Sonic: The Dark Horizon"

othernews includes "a yoshi tale witch im really pleased with it so far, i know the preview wasn't all much but im sure the FULL part 1 will be better, a new logo to :D

Sonic The Final hour im working on with sonicspeedstudios on youtube. no storyline yet, still need a script for it.

Oh and Heres a Preview picture for the dark horizon!

Preview Picture For New Game. More News on a yoshi tale and sonic: the final hour.

New animation :D

2010-03-08 17:41:58 by darkryal35

Hey im here to just say theres a new full animation on the way, im not done yet

its called a yoshi tale

yoshi tale 10%

Heres a picture :D

New animation :D

OMG new project!!!

2010-01-10 14:06:49 by darkryal35

Amazing, im actualy making a new project in colaberation with someone, but, ill keep the name secret (for now) other things i be making a new game i have all the stuff ready, but, still need to code the w****og.

OMG new project!!!

i know about the no progress

2010-01-02 15:07:37 by darkryal35

im nearly finished with the pong game version 2 but progress is short and alex's happy song has been cancelled, i will be working on something that my freind has asked me to help him with called the awesome advntures a bobby witch i will do, also, my alex model has had a big change it looks completley different now, a bit shorter.

also, look out for more pics :D

Ive been working on a game called super flash bros. its unfinished, the only problem ive got is, I AINT good at programming so if anyone can program in flash and can help me with my Super Flash Bros. please ask :)