Super Flash Bros. Programmer needed

2009-08-10 08:08:10 by darkryal35

Ive been working on a game called super flash bros. its unfinished, the only problem ive got is, I AINT good at programming so if anyone can program in flash and can help me with my Super Flash Bros. please ask :)


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2009-08-10 08:26:34

There already is a Super Flash Bros. Game. /333995 Duh.

darkryal35 responds:

My freind, thats super smash flash. im making my own one...


2009-08-31 09:56:06

hey man, i know that this post has nothing to do with ur help post but do you still need help to find that hidden switch in the game"toss the turtle"???

darkryal35 responds:

Its between Blast and Co on the screen with the cannons